Not another ‘Mum blog’?

Well, yes. But, y’know, feel free to not read it. It’s either this, or our internet shopping habits spiral further out of control.

Months ago (a year and two months, to be precise), when the babes were tiny, Lauren and I mentioned to each other that we would like to blog about our experience of motherhood so far. We wanted to reach out to other mums (and dads) who were experiencing life with a Tiny Stranger (TS) and wondering what the hell they’d gotten themselves into.

Back then, we spent time discussing blog names. Lauren created the site and lists of potential posts were drawn up. We wanted to be honest and helpful but not judgemental or preachy. The rest of our ‘tribe’ would chip in as and when they wanted. It would be easy to write whilst the babes napped and we would work hard to create a loyal readership and turn it into something great.

Except it wasn’t easy. And we didn’t write. Our blog was consigned to the giant scrapheap of mum blogs that a quick Google search elicits… blogs that, like ours, were created and never used, or which enjoyed an initial flurry of daily updates, attracted a following, but stopped suddenly when the blogger returned to work / had another baby / ran out of things to say / (insert alternative reason here).

Fast forward a year and the blog has had a page and a name for yonks. No posts though. In fact, I searched ‘Tales from the Motherside’ a few weeks ago, found the blog and got annoyed that someone else had stolen our name. It was actually this blog; I just hadn’t seen it for a while. Our girls have turned one (months ago!). We are still adjusting to our lives with tiny people, but they’re not strangers anymore. They’re toddlers, and that’s even scarier.

We’re determined not to end up in that cyber cemetery of blogs gone by. We hope you’ll join us.

The Mother Side x

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