These Happy Hippos

We can’t start the blog properly without introducing this pair. Like two tiny hurricanes, they’ve taken over our lives and make us laugh (every day), cry (on many a day) and tear our hair out, with their independent ways.

We call them our hippos because we both took hypnobirthing classes with The Wise Hippo programme. Our instructor was Kirsty at Fertile Future Hypnobirthing (Buckingham) though there are instructors throughout the UK. We’ll publish our pregnancy stories and birth stories in due course but both believe that hypnobirthing has a lot to do with our girls’ temperaments, even 14 months down the line.

Someone asked us recently if we spend lots of time discussing our mutual love of the English language; talking about reading, writing and our favourite reads. In short, the answer is no. Sometimes, we snatch a brief moment when both girls are playing together to recommend a book or an article to one another. Mostly, though, we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about this pair and the highs and lows of motherhood. At times, we’ve talked about the blog, in a ‘it’s there so we *should* be writing and posting’ kind of way.

One day, we’ll sit and ponder the works of Dickens, Orwell and Milton. For now, though, we’re happy to discuss the merits of ‘That’s Not My Owl’ versus ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and that’s OK by us.


The Mother Side x

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