From Boobs to Norks!

One of the things that shocked me most about having a baby was the change to my body. And I don’t mean the belly (we all know that grows) or the swollen feet, it was the evolution of my normally modest chest size from a 32C to a 32F/G.

Gone were the days of going braless under strappy tops. My boobs had come of age and turned into norks!

Here’s a pre-pregnancy bra and a post-birth behemoth, or an “over the shoulder boulder holder” as my husband calls it. To friends, I refer to these bras as “David and Goliath”.


Humour aside, boobs and what they do during and after pregnancy are pretty amazing. So we’ll be running a few posts on boobs and breastfeeding, for example what to expect, where to find support and mum communities, pieces of advice we’ve found useful etc.

But what would you like to see us cover? Comment at the bottom of this post and we’ll respond to as much as we can here on the blog.

The Mother Side x

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