REVIEW: The AUKEY Room Diffuser.

This was a fairly early purchase for us. P has always seemed to like sleep but we wanted to make her transition from the co-sleeper crib in our room, to her own cot, as easy on her as possible. Having read The Gentle Sleep Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith, I was well aware of the benefits of using red LED lighting and a diffuser with lavender oil to aid baby sleep, so this seemed a logical purchase.


We’ve been impressed. The seven coloured lights are useful for baby sensory activities and the fact that it can be set to one colour, namely red, at night time, is great. It just so happens that red is the first colour that appears, so no waiting for the full spectrum to pass, which is great if you’re impatient like me.

It has two mist settings – high and low. We keep ours on low as this is ample for diffusing the aroma of lavender around the room. High mist would be useful were your child poorly and in need of more moisture in the air. The mist can be set to one, three or six hours, or constant. It will automatically shut off after that time, or of the water runs out. Slightly annoyingly. The light goes off with it, even though the light can be switched on independently of the mist. A very minor niggle.

The tank needs emptying, wiping with a soft cloth and filling with fresh water each day. You will also need to air the room daily if the diffuser has been on a while/overnight as the moisture can cause mould and mildew.

The only downside (that isn’t really a downside): after about 6 weeks, the diffuser broke. The lights still worked and the mist was being produced but it wasn’t coming out, for some reason. I followed all the cleaning instructions but eventually emailed AUKEY and they sent a replacement. Their customer service was very good. I now realise the inside of the spout needs cleaning daily/every other day, which is tricky, because it’s so narrow – I drag a hanky or small muslin through but a thin bottle brush would also work.


For use with the diffuser:

We use the same Tisserand lavender oil I used when pregnant and in labour. DoTerra oils are also worth checking out. Make sure you are buying actual essential oil, not the cheaper, synthetic ‘fragrance oil’ and only use a few tiny drops each time. Camomile is safe for babies too, if you dislike the smell of lavender (or if, like my husband, you think it smells like old ladies.) Further aromatherapy information is available here

When she’s had a cold, we have also used the Snufflebabe Vapour Oil. Again, just a tiny amount is needed.

Jo, The Mother Side xx

NB: This review is not a sponsored post

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