The Mother Side: A Disclaimer

With getting on for 550 followers on our Facebook page (thank you!) and almost 10k views here on the blog (thank you again!) we have a hit a small snag in the road…

We are very passionate about certain elements of parenting. Indeed, our initial desire to set this blog up was to give support, advice and encouragement to breastfeeding mothers, having found out how ruddy hard it can be in those first few weeks with a newborn. We both take a great interest in baby-led and gentle parenting, and try our best to keep these schools of thought at the forefront of our own parenting. Furthermore, we both took hypnobirthing classes and are hugely supportive of it, having experienced the benefits of its approach. Much of what we believe in and advocate is based on current research – we are always reading; trying our best to stay up to date and keep the information we share accurate.

We have reached the stage where all our posts on breastfeeding, our births, positive birthing, gentle parenting and baby-led parenting are sitting in our ‘drafts’ section, simply because we’ve felt the need to apologise for what we’re saying in each one, just in case we cause offence to someone, somewhere, who chose to (or had to) do things differently. What we are sharing in each post is being diluted by these apologies and they sound repetitive as a consequence. So…

This ‘disclaimer’ will be posted on our Facebook page and in the ‘About’ section of Tales from the Mother Side, so we can remove all expressions of defence or apology from each of our posts, and those by our guest writers. We’re aware of ‘other ways’ of doing things but we’re not here to people please; if we were, we wouldn’t be true to ourselves or posting anything useful to you, our readers. Consequently, there will be things that we recommend and encourage further research of and things that you won’t see mentioned, condoned or supported on this blog. Through our guest posts, we hope to cover the plethora of topics that we cannot write about ourselves, but there are certain elements of parenting, and certain schools of thought that won’t appear here. For example…

If you see a post about breastfeeding, see it as an expression of encouragement for those who might be finding it tough but don’t want to stop. Not as a criticism of any other ways of feeding, or indeed anyone who has chosen to – or had to – feed another way.

If you see a post full of tips about gentle ways to help your child sleep better, take it as our away of supporting other parents who don’t want to leave their baby to cry.

If you see a post about baby-led weaning, don’t assume it’s an attack on anyone who chose to wean ‘traditionally’.

If you see a post debunking the myths around hypnobirthing, see it as our way of promoting every woman’s right to a positive birth.

And so on.

Parenting is a personal thing and – since becoming parents ourselves – we’ve realised just how much judgment goes on around how people choose to parent. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to support through our own and others’ experiences.

If we write a divisive post, or if our opinions cause you offence, feel free to ignore the post, approach us about writing a guest post OR start a healthy debate. We won’t be filling each post with emotional disclaimers and apologies ‘just in case’ we cause offence but we may well point you in the direction of this post.

Again, we thank you for your support thus far and hope you continue on the Mother Side journey with us.

Love, The Mother Side xx

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