Good Morning Sunshine!

Time for a slightly different kind of guest post today. Charley is a good friend of Jo’s and MUA extraordinaire!

Whilst we salute any mamas who go make up free, neither of us feel ‘human’ without a swirl of blusher to bring some colour to our cheeks, and Jo can’t really cope without mascara(!) In addition to dealing with sleep deprivation, we know that, for many mamas, the pre-baby daily beauty and make up regime has to be shelved whilst little one takes priority (and who wants to get foundation over their fresh-skinned new arrival?!) so we asked Charley if she’d write some posts for the busy and sleep deprived among you…

Over to Charley…

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a morning person, which normally means I don’t give myself a lot of time to get ready in the mornings as I’d rather have the extra time in bed! Unlike me, you may actually love the mornings. but you may have distractions that limit your time… children!

Here are my top 5 tips to help you look alive in the mornings:

1. Eye drops. These are amazing! There are a range of drops you can buy for tired eyes, itchy eyes, drops to brighten eyes, drops for dull eyes… you name it! I really like the Brightening Eye Drops from Optrex. They take 2 seconds to put in and really do make a difference, getting rid of those nasty red veins.

2. Cucumber gel. This was actually an accidental find, but has become part of my morning routine for quite some time now. I discovered this gel a few years ago during hay fever season when my eyes were red raw from itching. I bought the Cucumber Eye Gel from Boots and kept it in the fridge to soothe my eyes when they were sore, but noticed that it really works for puffiness too! We’ve all heard the tip about putting teaspoons in the freezer for 10 minutes then putting them on your eyes to reduce puffiness… but who has time for that? Whack a dot of this cool gel under your eyes for an instant awake and fresh feeling.

3. Bronze up. In the mornings when I’m tired, my face seems to turn a dull greyish colour that really shows how I’m feeling! If you’re really rushed for time and can’t apply a foundation, or don’t want something quite as heavy, take a bronzer and apply it to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. It takes no time at all and gives you an effortless healthy glow.

This is the bronzing blush powder I use, from MAC but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper and cruelty free, this one by Barry M is great too!

4. White or beige liner. Apply a light beige or white eyeliner along the inside of your lower lash line. This will help you look awake as your lash line tends to turn pink or red when you are tired. This waterproof one by Rimmel is great.

5. Tame those brows! Brush your eyebrows up with a spoolie brush. Groomed brows frame the entire face – make sure they’re on their best behaviour. Besides, you need to show off those freshly brightened eyes!

TIP: Don’t want to spend money on a spoolie brush? Rinse one of your old dried up mascara wands! Simply cut the wand off from the lid and wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water until the brush is clean and the water runs clear. Here you have your very own spoolie!

Who doesn’t want to look as fresh faced as Charley?!

Be sure to visit Charley’s website for more makeup and beauty tips: You might even spot Jo in the ‘Gallery’ if you look carefully!

Right, we’re off to bulk buy our eye drops…

Love, The Mother Side xx

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