Cinema with your baby? Yes you can!

Welcome to parenthood! We bet you thought your days of cinema-going were numbered? Or that you’d be forced to watch kids’ films for the foreseeable? Well, think again. Many cinemas across the UK are catering for new parents and their love of cinema by offering weekly parent and baby screenings of new releases. This is bloomin’ brilliant, and not to be missed!

Photo by Thomas Charters on Unsplash
It’s a simple concept. These are the latest film releases shown with the volume turned down a little to be comfortable for little ones’ ears, and the lights turned up slightly so it’s not too dark. Parents and carers can take their babies and relax in the knowledge that babies can make noise and it doesn’t matter; your baby can play, coo and giggle and it is F.I.N.E.…(though, if we’re honest, most of the screenings we went to were pretty quiet as babies promptly slept or fed!). And, while you’re cuddling, feeding or playing with your little one, you can enjoy a film on the big screen, with a cuppa, popcorn, cake, whatever your heart desires.

A trip out of the house. Somewhere you can go with friends or alone. Somewhere you can go with no judgment or stress about your baby being noisy or not. It’s just plain lovely and something we would highly recommend. It does get a bit harder as they start to crawl and walk, so just be warned that you may find it much easier in those first eight or so months when they’re relatively immobile and easy to entertain in one spot! Though, Lauren does recall following a crawling M around the cinema as she enjoyed going up and down the steps…a lot. Which garnered lots of smiles from other parents.

Odeon and Cineworld are the two main cinema chains that offer parent and baby screenings, and the smaller Picturehouse cinema chain also does these (it’s even showing Atomic Blond in August 2017!); Vue doesn’t do these types of showings yet but our query with them about such showings has meant they will pass this suggestion further up the food chain so, you never know, they may well offer these in the future (especially if other parents start asking for them).

Me and M enjoying Creed at Cineworld Cinebabies
Odeon – Newbies

Odeon describes its Newbies as “a place to leave behind your stresses, escape from the everyday and lose yourself in the latest releases,”. Bliss or what?? I took a 2-month old M to a Newbies showing of Star Wars: Episode VII Force Awakens at the Odeon and it was great, although we did spend a decent-sized chunk of the film in the toilet dealing with an epic poonami…cue full outfit change. More info on local Odeon Newbies showings here.

Cineworld – Cinebabies

Cineworld offers Cinebabies – weekly showings of the latest releases, suitable for parents with little ones up to the age of 18 months (so the signs in our local Cineworld tell us). Our local Cineworld became our regular haunt, mainly because Jo had a Cineworld Unlimited membership which means unlimited showings each month.The Cinebabies listings aren’t always (in fact, they’re rarely) included in the online listings so you’ll need to follow your local Cineworld cinema Facebook page and be prepared to prompt them for what’s coming up if they haven’t shared yet…they can be a bit slow to publicise their Cinebabies showings!!

Picturehouse – The Big Scream

Called ‘The Big Scream Club’, Picturehouse cinemas have regular (sometimes several times a week) showings of the latest releases for new parents with babies up until 12 months old. Just this week, for example, Clapham Picture House is showing Atomic Blond (anyone loving slick action and a fantastic 80s soundtrack will enjoy this!). For more info, go to the Picturehouse website and find your local cinema ‘what’s on’ page.


Lauren, the Mother Side xx

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