Toddlers, or Tiny Lunatics?

Did you know the phases of the moon can wreak absolute havoc on your child’s sleep and, just to warn you,  according to NASA, ‘Tonight’s Full Moon is the Frost Moon, the Cold Moon, the Long Night Moon, or the Moon before Yule.’ (UK)

So, what might this mean for you and your babies?

It all depends on your child’s sensitivity to the lunar cycles. Some of you will get through tonight unscathed; others may feel that they’re dealing with a werewolf in child’s clothing. August’s Full Moon, when I was heavily pregnant and on holiday, was particularly memorable!

There is obvious evidence for a brighter sky meaning less melatonin production and, therefore, a disruption to our circadian rhythm. It takes us back to our caveman roots, when we slept for shorter periods of time, but more frequently. Babies are intrinsically programmed to sleep this way – our ‘ideal’ of 12 hours overnight sleep is a fairly modern concept, totally out of sync with our inherently primitive ways. However, there is also evidence for disturbed sleep, shorter sleep and taking longer to fall asleep even if you have no idea about which phase the moon is in and cannot see it (or its light). Furthermore, you may find that your wee ones experience a ‘Full Moon hangover’ tomorrow – if they’re a little sluggish in the morning, you’ll know why. No one is quite sure why the moon has such an impact, and why it’s stronger in some than others…

Coincidentally, some of our favourite bedtime books feature the moon. At the moment, Primrose is loving Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton (reviewed here earlier this year). It’s impossible to read without yawning and is beautifully soporific. It also has gorgeous illustrations of the solar system inside the front and back covers.
Another go-to bedtime read is The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. As with all of Jeffers’ titles, this is a captivating read for little ones, starting with his trademark: Once there was a boy… exploring the themes of kindness, loneliness, teamwork and of finding friends in the unlikeliest of places. The illustrations are completely charming, too.

If nothing else, tonight’s Full Moon gives you something to blame if you do have a tricky bedtime or disrupted night. And here’s a heads up for the dates of the 13 Full Moons (in the UK) in 2018 …
January 2nd & 31st
March 2nd & 31st
April 30th
May 29th
June 28th
July 27th
August 26th
September 25th
October 24th
November 23rd
December 22nd

Given that Wilf is currently in Leap 4, according to The Wonder Weeks, and Phil, Primrose and I are all poorly, it could be an interesting night! Good luck, Mother Siders. and Godspeed!

Jo, The Mother Side xx

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