Introducing Natalie.

If you follow us on Facebook, you may remember our post a little while ago, asking if anybody wanted to contribute on a regular basis. The response was a little overwhelming (in a good way!) and it’s taken us a little time to work through the replies we received. Tonight, we introduce Natalie. Her first post, about sleep, will be published tomorrow.

Please give her warm welcome.

Over to Natalie…

Hi Mother Siders,

I am Natalie, mother to an amazing, non sleeping, destructive, newly turned one-year-old bundle of love, energy and cheekiness who makes me want to be a better person.

I am more than ably assisted in my parenting journey by my husband who is, and always has been, a very ‘hands on’ Daddy and partner. In fact, I couldn’t wish for a better partner and father to share this rollercoaster with. If our daughter turns out half as wonderful as my husband, we will have helped raise an entirely decent human being.

I am newly returning to a busy career and trying to shoe horn it into part time hours, along with a long commute and my husband works ridiculous shifts for our much maligned NHS. Often, our days pass in a blur of trying to coordinate nursery pick ups and drop offs (so much more difficult than it should be) and wondering how we always seem to have no food in the house, despite one or other of us always ‘just picking up a few bits’ (and spending £80) and arguing with self checkouts (one of life’s truest tests of sanity).

Generally, we are responsive, gentle parents doing our best to navigate parenthood and raise a tiny human to be the change in the world. On our worst sleepless days (read weeks) we settle for ‘everyone fed and no one dead’!

I have, through some sort of miracle for which I will be eternally grateful, been surrounded by the most epic group of women and mums to inspire me, advise me, help me and love me and of course love our baby girl. Our little one has a small army of second parents, all of whom love her as much as we do and respect our parenting style. Our ‘village’ has been my salvation on many occasions in the last year and will undoubtedly be so again. Watching those parents parent makes me a better a mum.

This is why I want to become a part of TFTMS. I have had the most amazing first year with, I hope, many more to come and I want to be part of Mums supporting Mums, I want to pay it forward.’

Natalie, The Mother Side xx’

Welcome to the team, Natalie! We’re lucky to have you on board!

You can follow us on Facebook.

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