To the partner of a new, breastfeeding mama.

One of the reasons frequently cited by women for considering giving up breastfeeding is, “It means my partner can share the feeds.” Sometimes, this is a mutual decision but, often, the pressure comes from the baby’s father… It’s understandable, given the portrayal of babies in films and on television. Rarely are women seen breastfeeding unless … More To the partner of a new, breastfeeding mama.

Doulas: Why Bother?

Jo: “I first met Cathy at a Baby Show. She was calm, friendly and listened to me banging on about how she has the BEST job! When I organised an event with the La Leche League recently, Cathy was one of our stallholders and, again, her warmth and enthusiasm about positive birth experiences made me think she’d be … More Doulas: Why Bother?

My Birth Story: Jo

After Prim’s birth, I was reluctant to share my birth story. At postnatal classes, we were asked to introduce ourselves, our baby, and our birth story. By the time it got to me, four other ladies had talked about emergency C-sections, a forceps delivery and an episiotomy. Each of them looked somewhere between resigned to … More My Birth Story: Jo