To the partner of a new, breastfeeding mama.

One of the reasons frequently cited by women for considering giving up breastfeeding is, “It means my partner can share the feeds.” Sometimes, this is a mutual decision but, often, the pressure comes from the baby’s father… It’s understandable, given the portrayal of babies in films and on television. Rarely are women seen breastfeeding unless … More To the partner of a new, breastfeeding mama.

Motherhood/Martyrdom: A dangerous synonymy.

33.5years Before Child. Or, at least, the few years before I became pregnant… Work, moaning about work (see previous post about perfectionism), numerous daily cups of tea, driving whilst listening to Radio 2, wine, Prosecco or gin (all three if it was a weekend), dining out at least once a week, the cinema, reading a decent … More Motherhood/Martyrdom: A dangerous synonymy.