Everything you need to know about breastfeeding…and more

Over 80% of mums who stop breastfeeding in the first six weeks weren’t ready to do so. What an astounding statistic, and gutting to read because so often these mothers feel like failures and yet it is the breastfeeding support system (or lack of it) that has failed them. But there is support out there. … More Everything you need to know about breastfeeding…and more

Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience

Every woman’s definition of a positive birth experience varies. Some of what I mention here is part of my vision but may, of course, differ from yours. Other elements will benefit anybody preparing to meet their baby. Hopefully, if you’re pregnant and reading this, there is something here for you. I was lucky enough to come out of … More Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience

Doulas: Why Bother?

Jo: “I first met Cathy at a Baby Show. She was calm, friendly and listened to me banging on about how she has the BEST job! When I organised an event with the La Leche League recently, Cathy was one of our stallholders and, again, her warmth and enthusiasm about positive birth experiences made me think she’d be … More Doulas: Why Bother?

The A-Z of Pregnancy

Ever heard of LMPs, EDDs or rhesus -/+? We hadn’t, either. Pregnancy is filled with more jargon and indecipherable acronyms than a Government White Paper and can confuse even the most savvy and informed mamas. So, here is our A-Z of pregnancy. We hope it’s helpful and are happy to receive any suggestions for further … More The A-Z of Pregnancy