Everything you need to know about hypnobirthing.

As many of you will know, both Lauren and Jo took hypnobirthing classes with The Wise Hippo. Whilst there are practitioners throughout the UK, we both used Kirsty at Fertile Future (Buckingham, UK). It goes without saying, therefore, that we are huge proponents of the practice, as we both felt we had ‘the right birth(s) on the … More Everything you need to know about hypnobirthing.

Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience

Every woman’s definition of a positive birth experience varies. Some of what I mention here is part of my vision but may, of course, differ from yours. Other elements will benefit anybody preparing to meet their baby. Hopefully, if you’re pregnant and reading this, there is something here for you. I was lucky enough to come out of … More Preparing for a Positive Birth Experience

My Birth Story: Jo

After Prim’s birth, I was reluctant to share my birth story. At postnatal classes, we were asked to introduce ourselves, our baby, and our birth story. By the time it got to me, four other ladies had talked about emergency C-sections, a forceps delivery and an episiotomy. Each of them looked somewhere between resigned to … More My Birth Story: Jo

The A-Z of Pregnancy

Ever heard of LMPs, EDDs or rhesus -/+? We hadn’t, either. Pregnancy is filled with more jargon and indecipherable acronyms than a Government White Paper and can confuse even the most savvy and informed mamas. So, here is our A-Z of pregnancy. We hope it’s helpful and are happy to receive any suggestions for further … More The A-Z of Pregnancy

These Happy Hippos

We can’t start the blog properly without introducing this pair. Like two tiny hurricanes, they’ve taken over our lives and make us laugh (every day), cry (on many a day) and tear our hair out, with their independent ways. We call them our hippos because we both took hypnobirthing classes with The Wise Hippo programme. … More These Happy Hippos